Volte Interview + ‘Devil in Me’ Review

By Maddie Birkett

‘Devil in Me’ (which can be heard here) is the debut single delivered by Breakaway’s front man Sam Biland, as he ventures into his solo project known as Volte. But you’ll hear a noticeable difference in sound compared to Breakaway’s releases.

The track is labelled as dark pop, but listening to it is soothing for the soul. 

The lyrics are relatable on a number of levels with each sentence holding significance.  But most importantly, the track is easy to listen to. The vocals are strong, controlled, yet full of emotion so each element of the track can be enjoyed as a whole.  It puts your mind at ease for the 3:35 minutes that you’re listening to it. With a catchy chorus that’ll hook you, ‘Devil in Me’ is the perfect song to unwind to after a long day.

When you read the interview below, you’ll understand where all of the emotion comes from.

Sam has been from hell and back to deliver us all with this track that’s destined to be a hit.

  1. You’ve just launched your debut single ‘Devil in Me’, which has a refreshing and relaxing tone to it, what inspired the song? I think a lot of people can definitely relate to the lyrics.


I went through a really dark year, I ended a relationship, my room mate at the time stole my identity putting me thousands of dollars in debt and I was sedated due to struggles with depression, I needed help and writing is where I have always turned. Music has always saved my life, if people can relate to my lyrics and it can help them in their time of need then I have achieved all I wanted to for this project.


  1. You’re also the vocalist of Breakaway, what was the reason behind going solo?


My biggest passion in life is writing songs, I love being in Breakaway and I always will but I didn’t want my writing to be constricted to only one genre, my music taste has expanded so much over the last few years and I started to be more influenced by dark pop music like The Neighbourhood, Halsey and K.flay which isn’t a direction I could take with Breakaway. That’s when I started writing for Volte, I’ve had the time of my life writing these songs. It’s a new and exciting challenge. I can’t wait to show everyone what comes next.


  1. How is the process different compared to being in a band? Was it more nerve-wracking or exciting?


It’s so different, with a band you have multiple opinions on everything, and that can be really challenging at times and as a writer you can feel constricted. Going solo was all about trusting my gut and writing songs for myself, the songs that I wanted to hear, and the stories I wanted to tell with no constrictions, it was so liberating to go in the studio with a clear mind and doing it for me and only me, I learnt a lot about myself and it pushed me to improve as a writer.


  1. Your sound has been described as ‘Halsey and Jared Leto’s bastard son’, which sounds like the ultimate combination. How would you describe your new music?


Haha that came from a Music Feeds review of ‘Devil In Me’ and some of my friends changed the wording a little! I would describe my sound as Dark Pop beats with early 2000’s emo inspired lyrics.


  1. You’ve stated that the name Volte was another spelling for vault, meaning a safe place to store the valuable things in your life. I love that idea because for so many people music is a valuable part of their lives. I also think that music is like a vault in the sense that certain songs store memories that are relived when played. Was it important for your music to carry that meaning?


Definitely, these songs are so personal to me and so are the stories they tell. Every song is a memory and Volte is the project I’m storing my most personal memories.


  1. Can we expect a music video for ‘Devil in Me’? If so, what can you tell us about it?


Originally I wasn’t going to shoot a video until a few songs down the track, but the right opportunity arose with some people I’ve wanted to work with for a long time and they had a concept that just seemed to fit my vision for where I’m headed.


  1. What’s next for Volte? Is an EP in the works? Or some shows?


Right now I’m just enjoying having a single out and giving people a taste of what’s to come, nothing is set in stone yet (I have a few songs in the ‘Volte’) but there will definitely be a lot more music this year and I’m hoping to hit the road towards the end of the year with my live band! I feel like I’m about to connect with a whole different audience than I did with Breakaway and that really excites me, I can’t wait to start touring and meeting people.

‘Devil in Me’ has already ranked number 11 on the Triple J Unearthed Overall Charts within its first week of release.

Thanks to Sam for taking the time to answer our questions.

We’re so excited to hear what Volte brings out next!


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