Music Fans Want Moose Blood Kicked Off Slam Dunk Festival 2018

By Yasmine Summan

Moose Blood have found themselves in a heat of controversy again, after a petition with over 2,616 signatures circulated to remove the band from the Slam Dunk Festival 2018 lineup only a week after they were announced. Music fans are outraged to see the band on such a big festival line up whilst there are still pending sexual allegations toward their lead singer, Eddy Brewerton.

The petition titled “Remove Moose Blood from the Slam Dunk Festival Lineup” made its way around the internet only a week after the band had been announced for Slam Dunk Festival 2018. It became a viral hit on Twitter with the amount of people who shared it and collecting 2,616 signatures so far. When we reached out to the creator of the petition, Edith Gervin said

“I made the petition to show how many people actually stand against festivals continuing to book bands like moose blood. There isn’t a place for people like that in the music industry and they shouldn’t continue to be rewarded after everything that’s happened”

Slam Dunk Festival, and Moose Blood have yet to make a comment on the band being on the line-up.

It seemed like they’d only just bounced back from the controversy that sprung early last year, when ex-drummer, Glenn Harvey, was outed for allegedly sending explicit pictures and videos to underage girls and allegedly sexually harassing women. Harvey left the band in late March, but only a year on, the sexual allegations toward current lead singer, Brewerton, still stand. Brewerton allegedly stole explicit photography from a fans phone and sent them to a Whats App group chat.

Taking to their social media, Moose Blood released a statement in regards to the allegations on February 23rd where they said “We are aware of an allegation made against us concerning alleged theft of photographs and invasion of privacy. This allegation is entirely false and we strongly refute. We are taking legal action. The process to resolve this issue is underway. We do not propose to comment further at this stage”



As well, anti-harassment group, Girls Against, pulled out of Truck Festival 2018 when Moose Blood were announced. In a statement published on their twitter, the activist group that is fighting against sexual harassment at gigs said “Girls against stand firmly with all victims of sexual assault and would like to formally say we are completely against Moose Blood performing at truck festival… this is not something we will be backing down about”

After they released their album “I don’t think I can do this anymore” on March 9th 2018, it received a critical response with some long-time fans loving it, but many boycotting the album and the rest of their music because of the allegations.

It seems that drama is inescapable for this British Band, but we’ll have to wait and see how they move on from this.

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