By Nicole Tubbrit

Palaye Royale have been described as the hottest band of 2018. But who are they?


Consisting of 3 brothers, Emerson Barrett (Drums), Sebastian Danzig (Keys, guitar) and Remington Leith (lead vocals), the members are incredibly talented with over two and a half years of touring experience under their belts. Signed to Sumerian Records, the band member’s stage names are their first and middle names, a concept which is often misunderstood. However, Palaye Royale was not always the name we have come to love. Founded in Toronto, and later relocating to America, the band was formed under the name of Kropp Circle and then changed to Palaye Royale in the Summer of 2011.

Another subject the band believe strongly about is their genre. Defining their genre is not an easy task. The band is highly fashionable, bringing a sense of Tim Burton and the 1920’s to their suits and red leather boots. This is most likely the reason why they identify their genre to be fashion art rock, combing the alternative look of makeup to the blast from the past with the twenties era, and what a great look it is too!



The band have also dropped a successful debut album, under the name of Boom Boom Room: Side A. The hit song ‘Mr Doctor Man’ made waves of commotion with their fanbase (Soldiers of the Royal Council) and has received strong radio coverage all over the world. Other songs released by the group were ‘Don’t Feel Quite Right’ and ‘My Youth Generation’, with the ‘Don’t Feel Quite Right’ music video gaining over 2 million views.

Not only is their debut album hitting the charts, Remington Leith did vocals for the film ‘American Satan’. Working alongside the biggest names of the rock industry, Remington did vocals for the character of Johnny Faust played by Andy Biersack. He recorded the entire album with Sumerian Records, working together with Benjamin Bruce (Asking Alexandria’s lead guitarist) and Andy (Black Veil Brides vocalist). The film stayed 2 weeks at the top of the charts on iTunes.

Palaye Royale are one busy band, but they don’t plan on stopping! They’ve recently been on the cover of Alternative Press with an exclusive poster special in Rocksound.

Palaye Royale are the biggest band going right now, headlining a Canadian Tour and releasing a brand new album- Boom Boom Room: Side B in the forthcoming weeks. Keep an eye out for this band, big things are coming!

Check out some of their most popular songs!

Mr Doctor Man.

Don’t Feel Quite Right.

Get Higher.

Visit their website here for more information on the new album and tour dates.

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