Movements Drop Out of Australian Tour with Moose Blood

By Katelyn Saia

Punk band Movements, from California, were scheduled to go on tour with Moose Blood in Australia in September 2018. However, due to the seriousness of the allegations made against lead singer, Eddy Brewerton, Movements has decided to drop out of the tour. Last year sexual harassment allegations were also made against the drummer of Moose Blood, Glenn Harvey, who has since been removed from the band.  

Movements received backlash from fans following the decision to join Moose Blood on tour and have since reconsidered. You can read their statement here. 

Allegations like these are very serious and should be taken into consideration. It’s impressive to see that Movements decided to take a stand.  We are living in a society now where women are finally starting to feel comfortable enough to come forward and talk about their stories, and we should be listening.


Let us know what you think about Movements dropping out of the tour!

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