INTERVIEW: Forts Like Vana

By Maddie Birkett

Forts Like Vana will be your new music obsession! Only being together since January, the band has already established a professional sound, released an EP and are due to drop a music video within the month. They seemed to skip that awkward ‘practicing in mum’s basement and recording demos on a phone step’ and went straight to professional rockers, listen to their debut single ‘Love You Right’ and you’ll agree.

Keep your eye on this band, they’re going to be huge!

Where did the band name come from?

The story behind the name is a secret that we all swore an oath to never tell anyone about. So if one of us tells you then that person is banned for life…. super intense.

How did you all meet?

Diego: I was walking around downtown one morning and bumped into Logan and Derek on the side of the street and they were just looking really fresh. So I said, “Hey you dudes look fresh.” and then we got to talking and found out we all played music and then just decided to jam and see what happens, threw my bro Nitio in to play too and then FLV just happened.

Logan: Yeah it was pretty natural and crazy how things just worked out. Derek and I have known each other since we were kids, same with Nitio and Diego. We never heard each other play before and things came together so magically we knew this was something special.

Who are your musical influences?

O man this is a tough one. We have so many different influences it hard to pick! We love R&B, Pop, Metal, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Punk, and Hip Hop so you can catch us listening to anything along those lines.

The band has only been together since January, yet you already have such a professional sound like you’ve been doing this for years! Have you had any experience in the music industry beforehand?

Aww thanks that means a ton to hear! We’ve all been apart of different bands growing up but none of us every got too far into the industry. So this is definitely a new adventure for us.

Your first single ‘Love You Right’ brought in a lot of listeners with over 8,000 streams within the first month! Why do you think it received so much success so quickly? It’s definitely catchy!

We’re glad you like it! Writing ‘Love You Right’ was so much fun and the second we finished the song we were already so excited to release it to the world. Honestly we have no clue how the song got so many streams so quickly. We’re just happy people love it as much as we do.

You’ve classified your genre as alternative/pop but I can definitely hear some country in there! Has your location influenced your style of music at all?

Woa really? We have never heard that before lol. None of us like country at all so it’s kinda funny that we live in Music City and dislike the most popular genre here. You’ll definitely never find us jamming out to a country song.

You dropped your debut EP ‘This + This = That’ in February, what inspired the songs on the EP?

Logan: a lot of these songs were inspired from past events that we’ve been through. The cool things with these songs is that each one means something different to us and speaks to us differently. So it’s really cool to receive messages from fans telling us what these songs mean to them.

Are you planning any music videos for ‘Love You Right’, if so, what can you tell us?

Actually we just got done filming the video today! We’re really excited to release it in May. All we can say is expect to see us in our natural habitat doing the only thing we know how to do right.

You recently announced a show at The End in Nashville, what can fans expect from the show?

Derek: We love to give 200% at every show and keep that energy spreading throughout the venue. We’ve had a few venues turn us down for being to crazy on stage. I guess some people can’t handle us haha.  Expect a lot of hype, a lot of sweat, a lot of jumping off things, and a crap ton of partying.

Are you planning any new music at the moment? Or a tour?

Playing music that makes people feel good and lifting others up is the best part about being in this band. As long as we’re happy and our fans our happy then we don’t care about anything else.

Once we get the video out we’re planning some more shows and a small tour for the summer. We really just want to get our music out there for everyone to hear so if you’re reading this feel free to help spread the word!

Let us know if you’re excited for the ‘Love You Right’ video!

You can find Forts Like Vana on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify!

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