Does The Chainsmokers’ ‘World War Joy’ spark Joy or Failure?

Written by @MaddieBirkett

It’s the album we’ve been waiting for since The Chainsmokers’ debut album, ‘Memories… Do Not Open’, a favourite of mine which is a title difficult to receive as I don’t usually love the majority, let alone all of the tracks on an album. This is something World War Joy manages to do, even with each track sounding completely unique and having a different vibe for each song. Here’s a breakdown of each track, The Reaper and Who Do You Love are my clear favourites, but the other tracks are not far behind.

The Reaper
I thought the collaboration with Amy Shark was a bit of a surprise, but as a fellow Aussie it was a pleasant one. Shark has an incredible and unique voice, one that was made for this track. The first ten seconds of the song got me. It sounds so angelic and I could happily listen to that on a loop, I’d meditate to that. The track is dark and edgy yet I feel so content listening to it… repeatedly. I see A LOT of potential with this song and expect it to get a heap of radio play.

I had high expectations with this one since we were listening to two masterminds, being TCS and Kygo but if I’m honest, I was a little disappointed in this track. It just sounded a little bland, like it was missing something. However, it earns extra points in sentiment. Being someone who is extremely close to my family, I felt every word and found it to be relatable. Drew Taggart’s voice is soothing, I’m glad we’re hearing more of it.
Side note: After reviewing this track the next day, I’ve decided that this song is growing on me. I don’t think it’s meant to sound like typical TCS, I think it’s meant to be a thank-you to everyone who’s had their backs which is a good enough reason for me to love the song. It’s catchy and I expect it to catch on. I hope there’s a music video planned for this one because I think it’d be memorable.

See The Way
Taggart and Sabrina Claudio singing together in perfect harmony is incredible. This track really feels like a Chainsmoker song. It has the relatable verses that make you want to sing along to and then BAM! the drop. I will say though, it was a little repetitive. ‘I go from okay I’m okay to I’m not okay in .2’ was repeated eight times. BUT I highly recommend that this song be put on every breakup playlist to ever exist because I think it could lift the spirits of even someone with a broken heart.

P.S I Hope You’re Happy
Talk about a full circle moment. It’s true, if you put something out into the universe, it’ll happen. TCS referenced Blink-182 way back in their hit ‘Closer’, and now look, they made a song together! Hey, maybe if I put it out onto the internet that I’d love to get an interview with TCS, it’ll happen! Watch this space…
Back to the track. Definitely not what I expected. TCS x Blink-182 was an interesting combination that I’m surprised hasn’t been more popular in comparison to the other tracks, going by YouTube views. But what’s not to like? It’s one of the catchier tracks on the album which is surprising considering most of the lines don’t rhyme. The upbeat tune is an instant spirit lifter. The Blink-182 sound really gives this track an edge and I bet this would make an EPIC live performance. Also, what a quotable lyric “I wont be sad for the sake of it”
Shoutout to Taggart’s voice in this one, it’s come a long way since ‘Closer’ and I love the way it’s used in this track. The instrumental moments are also not to be forgotten, they give the essential pop-punk sound that Blink fans know and love!

Push My Luck
Can we please get a live, acoustic version of this track? Thanks. I’m getting ‘All We Know’ vibes on this one. I love the soft tone with the hints of classic Chainsmokers peeking through the softness and releasing at the drop.

I’ve grown to like this one, but I feel like it’s a little more overrated compared to some of the other tracks that weren’t made singles. I love the lyrics behind this one, they’re more on the creative side compared to other tracks. Lennon Stella has the perfect voice for this track and while I do think it’s a catchy, all-rounded, great song I think the radio might’ve killed this one. Also, bonus points for the cinematically stunning music video

Call You Mine
Bebe Rexha is an icon and her voice compliments this track immensely. The Chainsmokers really do their thing well in this track too. All the different sounds fit together perfectly to create smooth transitions. This was destined to be a hit.

Do You Mean
An obvious favourite that’s already received so much positive feedback and praise. It’s witty and repetitive, but in a good way, so you remember the lyrics. The combination of styles really makes this track unique and original.

Kills You Slowly
This is an overall great song, with an equally great music video. It’s not as exciting as some of the other tracks on the album, but it doesn’t need to be. The lyrics are thoughtful and the melodies are beautiful.

Who Do You Love
This is definitely one of my favourites that The Chainsmokers have come out with. The energy of this song is incredible and I would kill to see this one live. 5 Seconds of Summer were an excellent choice for the collaboration. I love the idea that an entire band collaborated with the track, rather than just borrowing a member’s vocals. I feel like everyone just unleashed everything they were holding back on this track. You can hear the power in every word and every note played on the instruments.

Overall, this album is extremely satisfying. There seems to be common success in Australian things, whether it be singers, bands and drummers (it seems to me that TCS are destined to bring the WWJ Tour down under). I remember reading a while back that The Chainsmokers had no interest in creating albums and would rather just keep dropping singles, which at the time I loved the idea of because it would mean a constant flow of musical content, but now that I’m older and wiser, I realise that you get sick of hearing the same song repeated, whereas with an album there’s more variety.

I will say, the song combinations seem a little random and most of the tracks have almost completely different sounds, but that really is the essence of TCS’ music. They’re always ahead of the time and pave the way for musical trends. Either way, there’s a clear growth in The Chainsmokers’ sound, and I can’t wait to hear more. You won’t be disappointed in this album.

Let us know you’re favourite track from the album in the comments below! Be sure to check out the album here.

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