By Mehlika Eski

On April 3rd, Arizona “Emo-Group” and rock band, The Maine, kicked off their first and last headlining tour of 2018 with a show in San Luis Obispo, California. This tour follows the release of their 2017 album, “Lovely Little Lonely,” as well as two previous headlining tours, including their “Modern Nostalgia” Tour last fall which showcased both “Lovely Little Lonely” and their 2015 album, “American Candy,” in their entirety.

The “Fry Your Brain” Tour is designed to reach cities that the band doesn’t typically play in, and the locations were determined after fans voiced their opinions of what cities should be included. After careful consideration, The Maine revealed the tour during their “8123 Day” event on January 21st and announced that bands The Wrecks and fellow 8123-friends The Technicolors would be opening during this tour. The Maine’s setlist includes songs from all six of their albums, as well as a different song every night that is voted on by the fans. The next few cities on this tour include Portland, OR on April 5th, Seattle, WA on April 6th, Spokane, WA on April 7th, and Vancouver, BC on April 8th.

The Maine has also announced that they will be playing Vans Warped Tour this summer.
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The Wrecks: Portland March 24

By Katelyn Saia

No matter the size of the crowd, The Wrecks put on a damn good show.  The Wrecks are a Los Angeles based indie rock band, consisting of five members; Nick Anderson (lead singer), Aaron Kelley (bassist), Westen Weiss (guitar/keys), Billy Nally (drummer), and Nick Schmizz (guitar).  The band has a decent following with over 10k Twitter followers and two self-produced EP’s titled “We Are The Wrecks”, which was released in 2017, and “Panic Vertigo”, which was released in 2018.  They have opened for bands such as All Time Low and are now currently on tour with New Politics, alongside Dreamers.

This was my second time seeing The Wrecks at a concert, each time better than the last.  My best friend and I saw them open for All Time Low in Boston over the summer, when we had no clue who they were.  As soon as we saw them perform, we knew we had to see them again at some point.  Their music is intriguing because it doesn’t exactly fit under the category of pop punk, but it’s just as hard-hitting and filled with emotion, like all good music is.  The energy of the fans who were at the concert were captivating. It was something that I wanted to be a part of.

The show we went to was in Portland, Maine.  The crowd was surprisingly small, but that didn’t stop the bands from putting on a great show.  I don’t think it was because people weren’t interested in seeing the bands, I just think that Portland isn’t as big of a city as Boston, and the venue was kind of odd for this concert as well.  The venue is usually used for plays, so it was very large and made it seem like there were less people than there actually were.  There’s no better feeling than to be so close to the people you look up to as role models, and to be surrounded by people who are invested in the same thing as you. 

The Wrecks played a lot of my favourite songs, including a few off their new EP, “Panic Vertigo.”  It felt amazing to know all the words and to be able to sing along and to just let go of everything.  As soon as they started performing, I forgot about any worries or fears I had going on in my life and just enjoyed what was happening in the moment.  The band draws people in and makes it hard to not love them.  When they played “Favourite Liar” off their first EP, I had never related to those lyrics more than I did in that moment, and it made me appreciate the song that little bit more.  My all-time favourite song by The Wrecks is “Way With Words” from their second EP, because it’s one of their more emotional songs and is one that I relate to.  I think the lyrics for the song are smart and creative, but they also hold a lot of meaning.  To me, the song is about someone wanting to get back together after their previous relationship ending negatively, but the other person doesn’t want to because they know it’ll never work.  The song is more laid-back than their other songs, so I gravitate more towards it when I want something more relaxing, but is still going to make me think.

After they performed, some of the members of The Wrecks hung out at the merchandise table to meet fans. I can safely say that The Wrecks are genuine people who have a passion for music, love what they’re doing, and are happy to be there.

We haven’t heard or seen the last of them, not even close.

To see The Wrecks live for yourself, check to see if they’re touring near you! 

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